Madonna’s royal-themed ‘WE’ movie given Oscar season release date

Harvey Weinstein has high hopes for pop star's directorial debut

Madonna‘s forthcoming royal-themed movie WE has been given a release date primed for Oscar season.

The Weinstein Company has announced that the singer’s film will open in Los Angeles and New York screens on December 9, ahead of a wider release in January. The singer has directed and produced the movie, as well as co-writing the script with her In Bed With Madonna collaborator Alek Keshishian.

WE tells the story of the romance between King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson; the scandal which forced him to abdicate the throne. But in a twist, the historical story will interweave a modern-day relationship involving a woman named Wally, played by Abbie Cornish, who develops an obsession with Simpson‘s story, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Harvey Weinstein said in a statement: “Madonna beautifully interweaves past and present in WE. It’s a very smart film… I’m incredibly excited about this movie and I wanted to give it a prominent release date.”

The film co-stars Andrea Riseborough, James D’Arcy and Oscar Isaac.