Madonna’s ‘WE’ pushed back until 2012

But the historical drama will still qualify for awards season by a week

Madonna‘s film WE has been pushed back until 2012.

The pop icon made her directorial debut based on the life of Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee whose love affair with King Edward VIII caused him to abdicate the British throne. In the film, the abdication crisis mirrors the story of a modern-day woman who has a fixation on Simpson.

The film had been scheduled for release on December 9, but has been pushed back until February 3 next year.

It will still qualify for consideration in next year’s Oscars and Golden Globe Awards by just a week, which was thought to be key in the Weinstein company’s release plan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As well as a move to avoid a crowded Christmas market, the delay will also capitalise on Madonna‘s music comeback with ‘Give Me All Your Love’, the demo version of which leaked this week.

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