Mads Mikkelsen responds to Leonardo DiCaprio remake of ‘Another Round’

"It's always tricky to make a remake but on the other hand I understand why"

Another Round star Mads Mikkelsen has weighed in on the planned Leonardo DiCaprio remake of his Oscar-winning film.

The hit Danish comedy-drama, which won the Best International Feature Film Academy Award last month, follows a group of school teachers who decide to consume alcohol daily to see how it affects their lives.

Following its success, it was revealed that an English-language remake was in the works, with DiCaprio eyed to star after his production company won the rights.


Mikkelsen, who plays the role of Martin in the film, admitted that while it was “interesting” to see how it turns out, he noted that there were some cultural differences in terms of drinking culture between the US and Denmark.

'Another Round' starring Mads Mikkelsen
‘Another Round’ starring Mads Mikkelsen. Credit: ImageNet/TrustNordisk

“It’s always tricky to make a remake but on the other hand I understand why,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly. “Because even though a lot of people might watch [the original], it’s not that big.

“Having said that I have a hunch that a lot of Americans [have] watched this one. So it’s going to be interesting, the remake.

“There are some cultural differences with alcohol from nation to nation, especially between Denmark and America. Everyone’s always like, won’t they approach it really differently in America? Maybe. Maybe not,” Mikkelsen continued.

“I mean the film is about embracing life and re-finding your life. I think if they get that right, they can have some freedom with the alcohol.”


Director Thomas Vinterberg previously defended the remake, telling IndieWire: “I’ve seen various interpretations of my work before. It’s an interesting artistic thing to see something grow into different versions.

“Now it’s in the hands of the finest actor you can get and besides being a brilliant actor, he’s made very intelligent choices throughout his career. I feel there’s a lot of integrity in the choices he’s made. I’m full of hope and curiosity about what they’re up to.”

Vinterberg’s Oscar win last month was dedicated to his late daughter with an emotional speech. She was due to play Mikkelsen’s character’s daughter but was killed in a car crash four days into production.

Another Round will be released in UK cinemas on July 16.