Major Film Studios to snub Comic-Con?

Some of the major Hollywood players may give convention a wide berth

Comic-Con, the world’s largest convention for science fiction, fantasy and comic books, looks set to lose some of the biggest names in Hollywood for this year’s outing.

Warner Brothers, Disney, Dreamworks and The Weinstein Company are all thought to be sitting out of Comic-Con 2011. With even comic book giants Marvel, a year ahead of their behemoth Avengers movie, unsure as to whether they will attend.

According to the New York Times many studios are running scared of the potential backlash created by some ubergeeks who, if displeased by what they witness, can do serious damage on the internet.

When asked if this represented a seismic shift the conventions director, David Glanzer, noted: “Not every studio comes every year.”

Universal, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox and Sony will all attend, showing glimpses of Cowboys and Aliens, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Amazing Spider-Man respectively.


Summit Entertainment will attend and stage a panel for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part One.

At last year’s convention a fan was stabbed with a pen following a dispute over seating arrangements.

Comic-Con, hosted in San Diego between 21-24 July, attracts approximately 130,000 fans every year.

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