Man arrested for pulling gun out after child kicks his seat at screening of ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Police called shortly before midday on Sunday at Kentucky screening

A man has been arrested in Kentucky after pulling out a gun during a screening of Star Trek Beyond.

Witnesses state that the man reacted after a young boy kicked the back of his seat during a late morning showing of the film.

The Paducah Police Department posted on Facebook a report of a call made at 11:50am on Sunday of a fight breaking out in a Cinemark theatre, saying “A man told (Officer Dana) Davie that he and his son were sitting behind another man, and the son was kicking the back of the man’s seat.”

The report continued: “Witnesses said the man got up and cursed the youth, asking if he was going to continue kicking his seat. The boy’s father interceded and a fight broke out between the two men. As the father got the upper hand in the fight, witnesses said, the other man pulled a gun and said, ‘What the [expletive] are you going to do now.’”

The Illinois man was escorted from the theatre by three men, made up of cinema employees and patrons, and movie-goers were allowed to re-enter the screening.

As well as being “barred from Cinemark property”, the police are planning on presenting their investigation to the McCracken County Attorney’s office on Monday.

The cast of Star Trek Beyond paid tribute to Anton Yelchin at the film’s Comic Con premiere last week.

Shortly before the film began, producer JJ Abrams, who directed the first two Star Trek movies, led tributes to Yelchin – after he was killed in a freak car accident last month.

Paying tribute, Abrams said: “As wonderful as this is to be here with all of you, and to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, there is something wrong tonight.”

“There is something missing tonight, there is someone missing tonight. Anton Yelchin should be here”, he continued.

“Anton’s parents are here, Irina and Victor. We love their son and if I could ask everyone to have a moment of silence for our dear friend, Anton.”