‘Man Of Steel’ trailer gets positive online response: ‘It’s a freaking masterpiece!’

Here's a round-up of reactions to the trailer for Zack Snyder's new Superman movie

The Man Of Steel trailer has been widely praised by film fans and entertainment sites.

The full-length trailer appeared online last night (December 11) and you can watch it here. Featuring fresh glimpses of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, it suggests that the new Superman movie from director Zack Snyder will mix action with a greater focus on the character’s backstory.

ComicBook.com, a news site for comic book fans, published a full review of the trailer, declaring it a “freaking masterpiece” which “fires on all cylinders”. The editor of top cult site Collider.com also responded enthusiastically, writing: “Everything I’ve seen thus far on Man of Steel tells me Snyder has crafted a great Superman film that will deliver everything the fans want and more.”

Meanwhile, Empire decided that “it’s definitely looking promising” and Entertainment Weekly noted that “the tone feels grand and mournful and, to be honest, not totally dissimilar from Superman Returns“. Vulture pointed out that “the trailer screams Christopher Nolan, who is one of the [movie’s] producers”.

Even irreverent US site Uproxx praised the trailer, though its writer was unable to conceal a minor gripe. The pseudonymous “Robopanda” wrote: “It looks pretty good for the most part, but I hate how they have to do that thing that every hero’s origin story movie does where in the first act, the townspeople are all mad at the protagonist for some completely unrealistic reason.”

Alongside Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman, Man Of Steel also stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Russell Crowe as Superman’s biological father and Kevin Costner as his adoptive dad. The film will open in cinemas worldwide on June 14, 2013.