Man shot dead at screening of Jennifer Lawrence film ‘No Hard Feelings’

The suspect in the case is currently in hospital under armed guard

A man attending a screening of Jennifer Lawrence’s new film No Hard Feelings has been shot and killed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Sunday (June 25).

Michael Tenorio, 52, was shot dead after he was involved in an altercation over some reserved seats during a screening of the film at Cinemark Century Rio Plex.

Witnesses told police a man later identifying as Enrique Padilla, 19 arrived at the cinema with his girlfriend but found another couple in their reserved seats for the film.

Cinema staff reportedly attempted to help resolve the dispute, but it escalated further and resulted in an altercation, according to witnesses. Police said Padilla eventually drew his gun and started shooting with Tenorio being shot and killed at the scene.

Padilla was later found outside the complex injured after reportedly being hit by one of his own bullets. An off duty police officer administered first-aid and he is now thought to be recovering in hospital under armed guard.

Enrique Padilla, 19, now has a criminal complaint and arrest warrant against him, which lists open counts of homicide, shooting at an occupied building and tampering with evidence.

Police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said when officers arrived at the scene there was “understandably a lot of chaos.” He told KOB4 that “a lot of people [were] running from the theatre and trying to get away.”

He added: “We had to wait a while for the SWAT team and other tactical units, did a secondary sweep of the theatre to make sure no one else was inside…They didn’t find anyone else, no other injuries.”

The cinema remains closed until further notice.

NME has reached out to the Albuquerque police department and Cinemark for comment.

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