Here’s who Mara Wilson thinks would win in a showdown between Eleven and Matilda

The question on everyone's lips

Mara Wilson has shared her thoughts on the Eleven versus Matilda debate.

Wilson famously depicted the book lover Matilda Wormwood, who shares Stranger Things’ Eleven’s telekinetic abilities, on-screen in 1996. 



Claiming she had been asked the question multiple times despite already expressing an opinion on the matter, the actress took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the debate.

“Matilda and Eleven would choose not to fight, and would instead become friends,” she wrote.

She even suggested that Matilda might become a “mentor” to Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, despite their age difference according to the timelines of both shows.


Fans expressed their enthusiasm for the prediction, responding to Wilson’s tweets with support.

“Ultimately, they’d become the only hope for us: the superhero duo we needed,” wrote one.

Another suggested: “I’d like to think they’d create some synergy that would fix Eleven’s nosebleeds and Matilda’s emotional distress.”

Wilson is one of many celebrities to have spoken out against the harassment of the young Stranger Things cast.

Earlier this month, the Screen Actors Guild awards nominations were dominated by Stranger Things.

The Netflix smash hit was nominated for four prizes, including Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for Millie Bobby Brown.