Margot Robbie on acting with ‘Suicide Squad’ co-star Jared Leto: ‘I didn’t know what was going to happen!’

Actress discusses her experience working with a super-method Jared Leto on the comic book movie

Margot Robbie has said she “loved” acting opposite a super-method Jared Leto on forthcoming comic book movie Suicide Squad.

The actress has previously explained that her character Harley Quinn is “incredily devoted” to Leto’s Joker, saying: “They have a dysfunctional relationship, but she loves him anyway.”

To help establish the unique chemistry between the two characters, Leto famously had a live rat delivered to Robbie while they were shooting.


“I was… surprised,” Robbie recalled during an interview with Shortlist. “I was surprised! There’s an understatement!”

“I loved that stuff. Jared was doing half my work for me,” the actress continued. “Harley is very much a part of a relationship. To have such commitment from the other half made my job a thousand times easier, and a thousand times more fun. I didn’t know what was going to happen when we got on set. It’s exciting to act opposite that.”

Suicide Squad – which also stars Will Smith as Deadshot – opens in cinemas on August 5. Leto has recently revealed that he spent time scaring passers-by in New York and Toronto in order to perfect the Joker’s laugh.

He has admitted, too, to arranging meetings with convicted psychopaths and “people who had committed horrendous crimes”, as well as the doctors and psychiatrists who treated them, in order to prepare for the iconic role.