Marilyn Monroe’s hair to be sold at auction

Locks of actress’ famous blonde hair expected to sell for £6,000

A few hairs of Marilyn Monroe are expected to sell for over £6,000 when they are auctioned in November.

The snippets of Monroe’s hair belonged to the actress’ friend Frieda Hull. A friend of Monroe’s from before she found fame, Hull had permission to take a few locks of hair from Monroe’s hairdresser.

The hairs are presented in a violet box, and are the latest celebrity hair to be sold at auction. David Bowie’s hair, snipped in 1983, was sold for £13,700 in June, while a lock of Elvis Presley’s hair fetched £87,300 in 2002.

Los Angeles auction house Julien’s Auctions’ sale on November 19-20 includes many other Monroe items as well as her hair. A black dress she wore in Some Like It Hot; a gown worn in 1953 comedy There’s No Business Like Show Business; a green satin dress worn in Bus Stop and a pair of sequinned gloves worn in The Seven Year Itch.

Personal items in the auction include a cheque Monroe wrote to her mother Gladys Eley for $150 in 1952, a tube of her Revlon lipstick, several handbags, pages of tax documents, a doll given to Monroe on her 34th birthday and a taxi receipt from to the 20th Century Fox studio.