Star Wars’ Mark Hamill reads Donald Trump tweets in style of The Joker

Hamill has played The Joker across film, TV and games

Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill has reprised his role of The Joker, reading out President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets in the voice style of the villain.

Hamill’s role as The Joker kicked off with 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series and has continued in the likes of 1993 film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Rocksteady Studios’ successful Batman game series.

Writer and director Matt Oswalt tweeted that Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve tweet “sounds like something the Joker would say right before releasing a swarm of killer bees into Gotham,” before writing “BILLION DOLLAR IDEA: an App that you can feed every Trump tweet into that plays it back in @HamillHimself Joker voice. You’re welcome,” yesterday (January 7).


Hamill responded to the tweet, writing “As soon as I figure out how to tweet soundbites, I’d LOVE to. Nobody writes better super-villain dialogue than #Trumputin!” He then shared a soundbite of ‘The Joker’ reading out Trump’s New Year’s Eve message.

With Mark noting it as “The Trumpster quote #1”, we might not have heard the last of the Joker yet. You can hear the clip below.

Last week, Mark Hamill paid further tribute to his Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher, who died on December 27, 2016.

Writing as a guest columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, Hamill recalled both his professional relationship and personal friendship with Fisher.


“She was so committed to joy and fun and embracing life,” Hamill wrote. “I would do crazy things to amuse her on the set. Making her laugh was always a badge of honor… The lengths I would go to hear her laugh — there were no limits. I loved her and loved making her laugh.

“She was so off the wall, she could use it as protection. Part of what was so poignant about her was that she was vulnerable, that there was this glimmer of a little girl that was so appealing and it roused the protective nature in my personality.”