Mark Hamill has a very specific Star Wars question that only Prince William and Harry can answer

"It had been bothering me since Return of the Jedi"

Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, recently grilled Prince William and Prince Harry with a Star Wars question only they would be able to answer.

When the two Princes visited the set of ‘The Last Jedi’ – which is out today (December 14) – Mark Hamill used the opportunity to ask the question that he had been wondering since 1983: Is Luke Skywalker technically royalty?

As Digital Spy report, Hamill said in a press conference “When they told me Carrie [Fisher] and I were brother and sister, I said, ‘Wait a minute, if Luke is Princess Leia’s brother, doesn’t that make me royalty?'”

Though Carrie Fisher insisted that Skywalker wouldn’t have been royalty, Hamill took the set visit as an opportunity to ask the Princes. As Hamill recounts it: “when I met the princes I said, ‘I really want your opinion on this’. I said, ‘My mother was Queen Amidala, my father was Lord Vader, my sister is Princess Leia – doesn’t that make me royalty?’

It turns out that it was a split decision. “William said yes and Harry said, ‘I need more information’, Hamill continued. “So I said, ‘Darn it. I need the ammunition to rub it in Carrie’s nose! It’s been going on for 40 years!’

Both William and Harry appeared at the European premiere of ‘The Last Jedi’ meeting BB-8 on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, NASA recently confirmed that ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ will be screened in the International Space Station. 

Luckily the ISS’ internet connection is slower than dial-up so the team won’t be that susceptible to spoilers way up in low Earth orbit.