Mark Ruffalo has addressed criticisms of insensitivity towards trans people in Hollywood

The actor had come under fire for suggesting a cis man for a trans role

Mark Ruffalo has responded to criticisms about Hollywood’s insensitivity towards trans people.

Trans actress Jen Richards spoke out about the issue on Twitter after cis actor Matt Bomer was cast as a transgender sex worker in new film Anything.

Richards said not allowing trans women to play trans roles reaffirmed the notion that they are men pretending to be women. “Because culture as a whole still thinks trans women are “really” men. Decades of showing us that way in shows. It’s been internalised,” she wrote in one tweet.


She also said the issue could provoke violence against trans women and called out Jared Leto, Jeffery Tambor and Eddie Redmayne for playing roles that could have been filled by trans women, as Vulture reports.

Ruffalo, who is producing Anything, came under criticism for recommending Bomer for the trans role. Richards, who is reported to have auditioned for the role, tweeted at him: “I would love to sit down with ‪@MattBomer & ‪@MarkRuffalo to talk this through, clearly, honestly, & compassionately.”

Beforehand, she had written: “Dear @MarkRuffalo & @MattBomer: if you release this movie, it will directly lead to violence against already at risk trans women.

“You will exacerbate the cultural belief that trans women are really men, which is the root of violence against us. @MarkRuffalo @MattBomer”.

Ruffalo replied: “To the Trans community. I hear you. It’s wrenching to you see you in this pain. I am glad we are having this conversation. It’s time.


“In all honesty I suggested Matt for the role after the profound experience I had with him while making “The Normal Heart”.”

Richards then responded: “Thank you @MarkRuffalo, this means a lot. I would love to talk to you about it, and how to move forward positively.”