Mark Ruffalo identifies with ‘Hulk’ anger

The 'Avengers' star says he can identify with Bruce Banner's rage

Avengers Assemble star Mark Ruffalo has confessed to battling anger management issues just like his Hulk character.

The actor plays scientist Bruce Banner in the Marvel movie, who famously turns into the stomping green monster when he becomes angry. But now he has admitted that he found it easy to identify with character.

Ruffalo told The AP: “When I was a young actor, if you came to my apartment, you would have seen pictures and photos hung in the most bizarre places, where they were covering holes in the wall from auditions that I didn’t get or slights that I felt I had suffered where things were thrown cups were thrown at the walls.”

But the actor added: “I’m no stranger to that kind of anger and rage, but over time, I’ve [become] like a rock that’s spent many times being tumbled around in the sea, I’ve sort of gotten the edges polished off of me. I’m not fighting the same fights that I was back then, the same demons.”

Ruffalo this week signed a new six-movie deal to reprise the role in a number of Hulk and Avengers movies. He took over the part from Edward Norton, who portrayed Banner just once in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.

Watch the Avengers Assemble trailer below.