Mark Strong punched Adam Sandler in the face on set of ‘Murder Mystery 2’

"He cried a little bit but then he was over it"

Adam Sandler was punched in the face by Mark Strong on the set of their new film Murder Mystery 2.

The comedy is the follow-up to the 2019 Netflix film, Murder Mystery, and will follow Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as they reprise their roles as Nick and Audrey Spitz after launching their private investigation agency. Strong plays Connor Miller, a former M16 hostage negotiator and skilled detective who often gets into numerous fights with Sandler.

While appearing on BBC’s The One Show, Strong jokingly admitted to punching Sandler in the face during an action scene.


“The [action sequences] go on for ages,” he explained. “You’re doing one movement for ages and I had to literally hold [Sandler’s] shoulder and punch him but keep a [small distance] away from him because of where the camera was. And one time I caught him.”

Sandler showed good sportsmanship as he wants to move forward from the situation, with him and Aniston joking about it in a video they sent to the BBC chat.

“We’re not gonna talk about Mark punching me in the face that time. Accidentally, Mark punched me in the face. You remember that Mark?” Sandler said.

Aniston thanked Strong for “elevating” their movie numerous times.

The Uncut Gems actor continued: “You’re a good man though, Mark – I forgave him immediately and I was knocked out for about half a second.”


Aniston added, “He cried a little bit but then he was over it,” before Sandler replied: “The tears went away and I was like, ‘Mark’s my friend'”.

In other news, Sandler has shared how he came to terms with critics “hating” his movies.

The actor has starred in a number of critical flops over his career, including Grown Ups, Jack And Jill, Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds and others.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Sandler explained how Kathy Bates helped him handle negative reviews when they starred together in 1998’s The Waterboy.

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