Mark Wahlberg demands London restaurant rename burger named after him

It's now called the Dirk Diggler burger instead in honour of the actor's 'Boogie Nights' character

A London pop-restaurant has renamed its Mark Wahlberg burger after receiving a cease and desist email from the actor’s lawyers.

The Mark Wahlberg burger was one of several patties named after famous American actors at Lucky Chip, a pop-up run from the Old Queen’s Head pub in Islington, north London. Burgers named after Kevin Bacon, John Belushi and Woody Harrelson all currently appear on its menu.

However, the controversial dish has now been renamed the Dirk Diggler burger in honour of Wahlberg’s character in Boogie Nights after Lucky Chip’s owner received contact from Wahlberg’s camp. The Ted actor co-owns a chain of burger restaurants called Wahlburgers, all of which are located in North America, with his brothers Donnie and Paul.

“When I saw the email I opened it and thought at first it was a joke. I was a bit surprised to be honest,” co-owner Ben Denner told the Evening Standard.

“Fair enough if we were in America trying to compete with his brand, I could understand that, but we’re a small company and it’s quite fun and laidback. I don’t think we’ve disrespected him in any way. Personally, I would have thought he’d be happy.”

However, despite being surprised by the cease and desist email, Denner insisted that Wahlberg is still welcome at Lucky Chip, adding: “There are no hard feelings from my end. I hope he comes in for lunch one day.”