A viral tweet about Martin Scorsese’s filmography has angered the fandom

*Doo wop music plays*

Martin Scorsese has been the subject of a Twitter-wide frenzy following a viral tweet summarising his films.

The tweet, by MSNBC producer Andrew Paul Joyce, claims to describe “80% of Scorsese movies” with mentions of familiar doo-wop music, nostalgic voiceovers and other gangster movie tropes.


The tweet appears to echo the familiar patterns which were seen in Scorsese’s latest epic The Irishman, but angered film fans who pointed to many of the prolific filmmaker’s other works.

Alice, Hugo, Silence, After Hours, Last Temptation, Kundun, Age of Innocence, Last Waltz, NY NY, Aviator, Bringing Out the Dead, Shutter Island. Hell, even Raging Bull isn’t like this,” said one response.

While the original claim nods to details from GoodfellasCasino and The Irishman, many wanted to point out the filmmaker’s versatility, while others went for more straightforward defences.

“Go watch theme park movies then,” came another reply, referring to Scorsese’s previous comments about Marvel movies in which he said he did not think they were cinema, and felt closer to theme park rides for him.


The Irishman came to Netflix last November to positive reviews. NME‘s Greg Wetherall gave the film four stars, saying: “If this is to be Pesci, De Niro and Scorsese’s final fling together, then they couldn’t wish to end on a better note.”

Despite being nominated for 10 awards, Scorsese left this year’s Oscars empty-handed.