Marvel boss: ‘No alcoholism story in ‘Iron Man 3”

Kevin Fiege says the next movie will not tackle the 'Demon In A Bottle' storyline

Iron Man 3 will not explore Tony Stark’s alcoholism, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Fiege has confirmed.

Ever since Iron Man hit the big screen with Robert Downey Jr in the lead role, there has been speculation that the movie series would adapt the comic’s famous ‘Demon In A Bottle’ storyline, considered one of the most significant of the Iron Man legend.

But Fiege has once again debunked the rumors. The exec told Empire: “He’s not an alcoholic in the movies. Maybe one day that’s a deeper story, but we’re not gong to do it unless we can make it a full-focused plot.”


Fiege also said that the film will not try to top Avengers Assemble in terms of spectacle. he said: “It’s a fool’s errand to try to continue to top spectacle. We don’t equate bigger with better. It’s Tony’s most personal journey since he was trapped in a cave in the first half of the first movie, but it’ll also have the largest spectacle of any of the Iron Man movies.”

The legendary ‘Demon In A Bottle’ storyline from 1979 saw Stark struggle with alcoholism after a series of professional and personal disasters.

Fiege also said it is unlikely that Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk will appear in the movie, but did promise: “We will see the Ruffalo Hulk in future. I don’t know when or how, exactly, but he’s an interesting character, and so many new avenues have opened up. But now in the movies, who’s gonna pop up where? You’re never quite sure.”

Iron Man 3 begins filming this week, ahead of a 2013 release.