Matt Damon to make directorial debut

'Bourne' star would also like to return to the hit series

Matt Damon is to make his debut in the director’s chair.

The Bourne actor will be doubling up, since he will also star in the as-yet-unnamed movie, alongside Office star John Kraskinsi.

However, he will now not be directing Father Daughter Time: A Tale Of Armed Robbery And Eskimo Kisses, as had been reported, according to Variety. Little is yet known about the project, which is currently awaited the final green light from Warner Bros.

Damon, who can next be seen in Steven Soderbergh‘s Contagion, has expressed his desire to return to the hit Bourne franchise, despite being written out. Instead, The Bourne Legacy will see Jeremy Renner play the lead in a story that examines the aftermath of the Bourne character’s actions.

But Damon told Shortlist: “I keep hoping, man. I was always fine with them doing another Bourne movie as long as it didn’t preclude me and Paul [Greengrass, director] from doing another Bourne. From what I understand, it doesn’t at all, so that’s fine. I really want to do another one with Paul and I’m sure it’ll happen someday but for now they’re doing this.”