Matt Reeves confirms ‘The Batman’ Easter egg about The Riddler snooping on a nightclub

The Iceberg Lounge is a swanky bar and club operated by The Penguin

Matt Reeves has confirmed an Easter egg in The Batman that shows Paul Dano’s The Riddler snooping on The Iceberg Lounge nightclub.

The director was asked by a fan on Twitter whether his friend’s eagle-eyed spot was true.

“Absolutely insane catch by my pal @ajrascals – at exactly 31:55 into #TheBatman you can actually SEE Paul Dano’s Riddler in the window opposite the iceberg lounge. Waiting, watching. Can you confirm 100% @mattreevesLA?! #TheBatmanHBO,” read the tweet.


Reeves replied: “Indeed, I can confirm. 100%”

In The Batman, The Riddler sets up a series of elaborate riddles tied to several of his killings in a challenge to the Caped Crusader, who is engaged in his usual vigilante escapades across Gotham City.

The Iceberg Lounge is a swanky bar and club operated by The Penguin, mobster boss Carmine Falcone’s lieutenant, and is also where Catwoman works. The location becomes a key breeding ground for evidence in the crimes committed by The Batman villains.

In February, Batman descended upon Google search pages ahead of the film’s March release for a Bat-Signal Easter Egg.

On Google Search (desktop or mobile), searches for “Bruce Wayne”, “Gotham City” or “Bat-Signal” show an animated yellow Bat-signal icon. Click the icon and the screen will dim, as his famous beacon summons Batman who swings across the screen with a grappling hook.


A spokesperson for Google said that the Easter egg wasn’t actually sponsored by Warner Bros. for The Batman’s release but added it was “aware and supportive” of the move. The nod to Batman is set to remain on the site for a full year.

In more recent news, Josh Brolin has revealed that he was in the running to play Batman in Zack Snyder’s DC films before the role ended up going to Ben Affleck.