Matt Smith on ‘Doctor Who’ meeting ‘Sherlock’: ‘I’m not averse to it’

But Smith says 'Sherlock's creators are strongly against the characters appearing together on screen

Matt Smith has discussed the possibility of a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover.

Both shows count Steven Moffat as executive producer and will be shooting new episodes in Cardiff early next year. At London Comic-Con this weekend (October 27), Collider asked Smith whether his Doctor Who hero could ever meet Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sherlock Holmes on screen.

Smith replied: “I’m not averse to it. I’m kind of open. I’m like yeah, because I just think they would find each other so remarkable.” However, Smith noted that Steven Moffat and his Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss are strongly against the idea, saying: “I think Mark and Steven kind of hate the idea of Doctor Who and Sherlock ever meeting.”

When asked whether the Timelord could simply walk by in an episode of Sherlock, Smith replied: “Doctor Who could, but it’s just nah, it’s you know…” He then became amused by the idea of his character meeting Martin Freeman‘s Dr Watson, adding: “The Doctor with Watson, he’d be like, ‘Cheer up mate. It’s not that bad, I know you’re really clever, but there’s an alien over there, let’s go and talk. He’s got wiggly bits on’.”

The third series of Sherlock, which will again consist of three 90-minute episodes, is scheduled to begin filming in January. Last month (September 2012), it was reported that this could be final series of the hit detective show. Meanwhile, Doctor Who will return to BBC One on Christmas Day before the second half of its current series is shown early next year.