Matthew McConaughey appearance in ‘Magic Mike’ sequel thrown into doubt by co-star

Gabriel Iglesias says actor is "worth a lot of money" since recent Oscar win

Matthew McConaughey may not appear in next year’s Magic Mike sequel according to one of his co-star’s from the 2012 original.

McConaughey has enjoyed a huge career boost in the past two years, earning plaudits for his role as Rust Cohle in True Detective and winning an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. It is this success which has led Gabriel Iglesias to cast doubt on whether the actor will appear in next year’s Magic Mike xxl.

“Word has it that Matthew McConaughey isn’t going to be involved in this one,” he told Dish Nation. “He’s worth a lot of money, because of that little Oscar thing.”

Iglesias, who played the character Tobias in the first film, continued: “All they’re telling me, because they haven’t shown me the whole script yet, is that they’re taking the show on the road. Something tells me it’s not going to be shot in Florida like the last one.”

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey recently hinted that he would be open to be appearing in another season of True Detective. Despite that he only signed on to the show in the first place under the provision that he filmed a single seaso, the actor says found that he enjoyed the process and would return for more.

Magic Mike XXL is due for release in July 2015