Mel Gibson says no to ‘Lethal Weapon 5’

Actor says reboot is more likely than another sequel featuring the original cast

Mel Gibson has dismissed suggestions that he could be tempted to make another Lethal Weapon movie.

The Australian actor starred alongside Danny Glover in the classic 1987 action film about a pair of mismatched LAPD detectives. Gibson and Glover reprised their roles for three sequels, the most being 1998’s Lethal Weapon 4.

The Lethal Weapon series is widely acknowledged to have influenced future “buddy cop” movies such as Bad Boys and Rush Hour. Discussing the possibility of adding to the franchise, Gibson predicted that a Total Recall-style reboot is more likely than another sequel featuring him and Glover.


When asked by if he could be tempted back, he replied: “No, I think the way things are going with Total Recall, they’ll just remake those somehow. Though it’s really tough to replace Danny. He was so amazing in those things. It was a good gig for us. It worked. But we knew it would.”

Gibson also insisted that had no regrets about any of the Lethal Weapon sequels, saying: “I had fun on every one of them and they were lucrative and good to me. And they really afforded me the opportunity to slow down and pick things and do things that really interested me.”

Gibson recently completed work on Machete Kills, the new Robert Rodriguez film featuring Lady Gaga‘s big screen debut. The film is due for release next year (2013). Glover is currently starring alongside Kiefer Sutherland in US TV series Touch.

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