Melissa McCarthy wants a woman to play James Bond

The actress reasoned there are women working as spies in the real world

Melissa McCarthy has said she wants a woman to play James Bond.

The actress was taking part in an interview with the rest of the cast of the new version of Ghostbusters when she made the comments.

Asked if she thought a woman could do the role justice, Digital Spy reports she replied: “Yes of course!”

She reasoned: “There are female spies and undercover people all over the place. Got to get the right gal to do it.”

McCarthy then suggested any of her Ghostbusters co-stars – Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon – would be viable, saying: “Any of these ladies would be great! Any of these gators.”

McCarthy played a spy herself last year when she appeared in action comedy Spy with Jason Statham.