Meryl Streep once hired a priest to exorcise Steven Spielberg’s house

Hollywood friends are weird...

Meryl Streep has revealed a strange behind the curtain look her relationship with director Steven Spielberg in a new interview.

The actor and director have worked together in the past on Spielberg’s 2000 film ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ and more recently ‘The Post’. However, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the filming of the former movie required some priestly intervention.

Streep said that while she provided some voice work for ‘A.I.’, “Most of the time we talked about how his property was haunted and did I know anybody who did exorcisms”.


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“And of course, I did. I got him a priest”, Streep said. That’s what friends are for.

Watch the trailer for the Spielberg directed ‘The Post’ starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks below.

Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg plan to revive his 80s TV series ‘Amazing Stories’. Apple are reportedly set to acquire the rights to the series, and while the tech giants themselves have declined to comment, NBCUniversal have confirmed that an agreement is ‘imminent’.

Meryl Streep has spoken out against violence against women, opening up about being physically assaulted in the past.


Streep spoke of it being an “exciting, exhaustive and dangerous time to be an investigative journalist,” saying that this applied “especially, of course” to women.

Streep added: “I say ‘of course,’ because we do recognise the special cocktail of venom and ridicule, which is always tinged with sexual threat that is served up online for women, any woman in any profession, who stands up to tell the truth. I revere the people who do this because I am not a naturally brave person.”