Watch as Meryl Streep tries and fails to remember all of her Oscar nominations

She's been nominated more than any actor

Meryl Streep has revealed the difficulty she encounters in remembering all of her Oscar nominations.

The Hollywood actress has received 20 Academy Award nominations over the course of her career, more than any other actor, and has won three times.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, the actress was asked to name all 20 nominations in exchange for another ‘bonus Oscar’.


However, the actress could only name five – The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sophie’s Choice, Kramer vs. Kramer, Silkwood and Out of Africa.

Struggling to recall her more recent films, the actress said: “See, I can’t remember last Thursday.

“I can remember the olden days.”

Watch the clip below:

She then suggested Cry In The Dark, her 1988 film based on the real life story of an Australian couple who were wrongly accused of murdering their own child after it was taken by a dingo on a camping trip.


However, when Kimmel informed her that the film was not on the list, Streep replied with shock.

“Why?! Why!? I was robbed,” she said.

The actress could not even recall her first nomination, for The Deer Hunter.

“They say you always forget your first,” Kimmel joked.


Streep was recently defended by Cher following accusations that the actress was aware of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged crimes.

The singer maintained that Streep was a “woman of honor,” recalling an incident in which she “risked her life” to save a woman who was being attacked by a man.

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