Michael Bay to return for ‘Transformers 4’

The director is in final negotiations with Paramount

Michael Bay is set to return for a fourth Transformers movie.

The director is in final negotiations to come back for another robot blockbuster – but only after he completes work on long-gestating project Pain And Gain.

According to New York Magazine Bay has been eager to adapt the kidnap thriller, based on a three-part New Times story about the infamous ‘Sun Gyn Gang’ of Miami bodybuilders, since its publication in 1999.

Negotiations to get Bay to commit to another Transformers cycle are said to depend on it. An insider revealed: “Without Pain, there’s no tit for tat. That’s Paramount’s leverage.” The studio apparently “does not have a closed deal” with the director, but “is not not far from closing one” either.

Production on the film would lead straight into production on Transformers 4, with the insider adding: “Spielberg does this all the time, when you’re doing art development and visual effects testing on your next movie while you’re still doing the current one. The beauty of Michael doing Pain And Gain is that there’s no [technical] complexity to it compared to Transformers.”

Little is known about Transformers 4, other than that Shia LaBeouf will not return. But the mole also said that it would not be afraid to further mine Transformers mythology, saying: “Regular people might not care about bringing back a character like Sentinel Prime [who featured heavily in the third movie], but believe me, the fans loved it.”Video