Michelle Yeoh on “turning point” of meeting Quentin Tarantino

“The next thing I knew, we were talking and I was coming back to life"

Michelle Yeoh has spoken about how Quentin Tarantino inspired her to keep working in Hollywood, ahead of her starring role in new A24 film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Yeoh, who recently appeared in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings and Crazy Rich Asians, plays Evelyn, a mother thrown into a sci-fi action-adventure after she learns she’s able to access the memory and skills of alternate versions of herself throughout the multiverse.

The actress almost broke her back during an on-set injury while filming 1996’s The Stunt Woman, however, leading the former ballerina to question her career path.


“‘You like to work, but this is insane,’” Yeoh recalled friends telling her at the time, per The Hollywood Reporter. “‘We feel so bad, but only you can help yourself. Why am I doing this? Is it worth it? If I really got hurt, then what?”

While in Hong Kong for a meeting with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Tarantino persuaded Yeoh to meet with the director and martial arts enthusiast. He then reportedly told Yeoh that he’d “watched all of [her] movies,” before describing his favourite action sequences frame by frame.

“The next thing I knew, we were talking and I was coming back to life,” Yeoh said, who shortly after went on to star in 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. “I’ll never forget it. It was like, ‘I do love what I do.’ And that was a turning point where I felt, ‘I’ve paid my dues.’”

Last month (February 24), André 3000, Mitski, David Byrne, Moses Sumney and more were confirmed to appear on the soundtrack for the new A24 film. Son Lux have scored the sci-fi action film by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.


Mitski and Byrne duet on a song called ‘This Is A Life’, while André 3000 plays flute across the record. Other contributions come from Randy Newman, Moses Sumney, Nina Moffitt, Chris Pattishall, Rob Moose, yMusic, Surrija, and actor Stephanie Hsu.

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