‘Mighty Ducks’ star Shaun Weiss arrested in California for burglary under the influence of meth

Weiss starred in the classic trilogy of ice hockey films between 1992 and '96

Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss has been arrested in California and charged with burglary under the influence of meth.

Weiss starred as goalkeeper Greg Goldberg in the classic trilogy of ice hockey films, which ran from 1992 to ’96.

It’s reported by the police department of Marysville, California that Weiss, now 41, was arrested in the town on Sunday (January 26), after he was found in a car parked in a local resident’s garage.

Marysville Police arrest suspect for a residential burglary in progress. Turns out Mr. Weiss was a movie star one time.

Posted by Marysville Police Department on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The police report says that the owner of the garage alerted police to “an unknown male inside his garage that did not belong there,” and they arrived to find Weiss sifting through the car having gained entry by breaking the passenger window.

It goes on to say that Weiss “displayed symptoms of being under the influence of methamphetamine” and admitted to police that “the vehicle he was filtering through was not his.”

'The Mighty Ducks'
The cast of ‘The Mighty Ducks’

Last year, the original cast of The Mighty Ducks, minus Weiss, reunited at an NHL game in Anaheim, California, while back in 2015, Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he was once reduced to tears as a child when his parents didn’t allow him to star in the original Mighty Ducks movie.

“My parents were like, ‘Look, you’re about to enter junior high school, you gotta get your education, that’s the most important thing. I promise you, you hate us now, but you’ll thank us later,'” Gyllenhaal recalled. “And I do.”

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