Mike Tyson says he wants to make a film with Danny Dyer

Former boxer describes British actor as a 'great and funny gentleman'

Boxer-turned-actor Mike Tyson has spoken of his admiration for Eastenders star Danny Dyer, reportedly revealing that he wants the pair to work together.

Dyer rose to fame after starring in 2004 film Football Factory, later becoming known for his macho-centric roles.

Tyson, who recently appeared in martial arts movie Ip Man 3, recently made reference to Dyer, telling The Sun: “What’s the gentleman that does all those action movies? I forget his name, but man, he does great, funny, movie action, really awesome stuff.”


Tyson allegedly added: “Danny Dyer. I love him to death. He’s cool and I love his movies. I love Danny Dyer. I haven’t seen EastEnders, but I’m familiar with it.”

Dyer, who has portrayed Mick Carter in EastEnders since 2013, responded via Twitter, writing: “Hahahaha. Beautiful. Gotta be a wind up innit.” See that tweet below.