Miles Teller talks body transformation for new boxing film ‘Bleed For This’

'Whiplash' stars plays Vinny ‘The Pazmanian Devil’ Pazienza in movie

Actor Miles Teller has described how he prepared for his role in new boxing film Bleed For This.

The movie is based on the career of ’80s and ’90s Italian-American champion Vinny ‘The Pazmanian Devil’ Pazienza and sees Teller’s character needing a career boost after a DUI conviction.

Speaking to NME, Teller detailed what his training regime was like. “When I met the nutritionist I was 188lb and 19 per cent body fat,” he said. “I’d been doing comedies so I was in ‘funny friend’ shape. By the time we filmed I was 168lb and 6 per cent body fat – a big transformation. What you hear is true: you can’t eat anything you want!”


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Teller had previously put in the hours to be a convincing drummer in Whiplash. He added of his latest role: “I hooked up with Darrell Foster in LA – he trained five-weight world champ Sugar Ray Leonard for 18 years and worked with Will Smith on the Ali movie. Will called him ‘a master in the art of boxing’ so I knew I was learning from the best.”

On what the real Pazienza thought of his portrayal, Teller said: “Early on I was shy and thought it would be embarrassing for him to see me try to talk like him. I met him when we were shooting in Rhode Island – I love the guy and I’m pleased to say he’s very proud of this film. He calls it ‘the real Rocky’ and after it comes out he says he’ll die happy for sure.”

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