Mitch Winehouse calls Channel 5’s Amy Winehouse ‘Autopsy’ documentary ‘an absolute disgrace’

He also accuses Winehouse's friend Alex Foden of 'exploiting' her by appearing on the programme

Mitch Winehouse has criticised Channel 5 for airing a documentary purporting to “re-examine” the final hours of his late daughter Amy.

The singer’s father dismissed Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Amy Winehouse on social media a week before it aired, calling the hour-long documentary “an absolute disgrace” and urging the channel to “leave my daughter alone”.

Mitch Winehouse took to Twitter again last night as the programme was shown to distance himself from the documentary, which sought to retrace the singer’s final steps using reconstructions in which actress Katie Robinson portrayed the singer drinking, taking drugs and self-harming.

He also accused Alex Foden, Amy Winehouse’s friend and hairdresser, of “exploiting” her by agreeing to appear as a talking head on the documentary. “The last time I ever saw Amy she was in a body bag,” Foden said during the documentary. “She didn’t want to be fixed. She was happy the way things were. It was the only way she could escape the madness that was going on around her.”

Mitch Winehouse has also been vocal in his criticism of Amy, director Asif Kapadia’s feature-length documentary about his late daughter, claiming it tries to portray him in “the worst possible light” and revealing that he ordered the film to be re-editedafter viewing its original cut.

The film, which opened in cinemas in July, has since become the highest-grossing British documentary of all-time at the UK box office, and second highest-grossing documentary overall after Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

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