More ‘Dark Knight Rises’ pictures and videos hit the internet

On-set shooting filmed by fans in Pittsburgh

Batman fans have hit the streets of Pittsburgh to film any footage they can of their heroes in the forthcoming trilogy closer, The Dark Knight Rises.

While the footage (see below) is very much for fans who need a daily injection of all things Batman related to make it through the day, there are some interesting titbits revealed, including the return of Batman‘s ‘Tumbler’ vehichle and a reference to Harvey ‘TwoFace’ Dent, one of the villains from The Dark Knight.

The video is said to show chief villain Bane, standing on top of the Batmobile, appearing to taunt Batman by ripping up pictures of the deceased ‘White Knight Of Gotham’.

Another video (also below) shows Christian Bale in full Batman regalia, as well as the first full length shots of Tom Hardy as Bane.

Filming for the hotly anticipated film began shooting in London, (including some scenes shot in Croydon) and, later, production is thought to move to India.

Last week, the cast and crew were welcomed to Pittsburgh with a bat symbol projected onto one of the cities most famous landmarks.

The Dark Knight Rises is due for release in the UK on July 20, 2012. You can watch the teaser trailer below.