Mos Def joins Cee Lo Green in new Keira Knightley movie

Maroon 5's Adam Levine will also appear in music-themed drama 'Can A Song Save Your Life?'

Mos Def has joined the cast of a new music-themed drama film starring Keira Knightley.

Can A Song Save Your Life? follows Knightley’s character as she moves to New York to pursue a singing career, reveals The Hollywood Reporter. She finds herself alone in the city after being dumped by her boyfriend, played by Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, but her luck appears to change when she meets Mark Ruffalo‘s down-at-heel record producer, whose longtime business partner will be played by Mos Def.

Earlier this month (July), it was revealed that Cee Lo Green had been cast as a “very successful hip-hop star” in the film, which has already begun shooting in New York City. Hailee Steinfeld and Catherine Keener also have key roles.

Can A Song Save Your Life? is the new project from Irish writer-director John Carney, who made his name with the 2006 indie drama Once. Carney is working on the music for the film with songwriter Gregg Alexander, formerly of the New Radicals. Judd Apatow of Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin fame will serve as the movie’s executive producer.

Mos Def released his last album, ‘The Ecstatic’, in 2009. In recent years, he has established himself as a successful actor with appearances in films such as The Italian Job and Cadillac Records and on TV in Dexterand House.