Multiple moviegoers faint during screening of cannibal movie ‘Raw’

Some of the audience members bit off more than they could chew

A screening of cannibal horror movie Raw at Toronto Film Festival caused multiple members of the audience to pass out.

The French-Belgian film, which tells the story of a vegetarian college student who becomes a cannibal, was awarded the prestigious FIPRESCI Prize after it premiered at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Some of the graphic scenes proved too much for moviegoers at its latest screening, after paramedics were called to treat two patrons who fainted.


Raw has caused a considerable buzz following its debut, with top agents and managers currently jockeying to sign its director Julia Ducournau, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Distributor Focus World has already snapped up the rights to the film, eyeing its potential to cross over with US audiences.

Raw will next screen at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas; followed by Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham, UK; Celluloid Screams in Sheffield, UK; Beyond Fest in LA and the Sitges Film Festival.