Nathalie Emmanuel wants Beyoncé to be in the next ‘Fast & Furious’ film

"We'll jump in our car and go and save the world"

Fast & Furious 9 star Nathalie Emmanuel has said that she would like Beyoncé to appear in the next chapter of the franchise.

In conversation with NME, the actor was asked who she would like to see cameo in Fast & Furious 9‘s sequel following Cardi B‘s cameo in the film. “Beyoncé Knowles,” she replied instantly.

In reference to her dream scenario onscreen with Beyoncé, Emmanuel continued: “She can just be [Emmanuel’s character] Ramsey’s best friend and they have this whole scene together.”


The scenario became increasingly elaborate. “And then she’s like, ‘Oh Ramsey do you want to borrow this outfit of mine?'” Emmanuel continued. “And I’ll be like ‘Yes, sis, that’s amazing’. And then we’ll jump in our car and go and save the world.”

Fast & Furious 9
Vin Diesel’s crew returns to save the world in ‘Fast & Furious 9’. CREDIT: Universal

For Emmanuel, who has now appeared in three films from the franchise, sisterhood is what she believes has set Fast & Furious 9 apart from its predecessors.

“The female presence in this movie is really strong, and has really expanded in a way that it hasn’t before,” she said.

For the latest film, Ramsey is tasked with driving for the first time. Fortunately Emmanuel was able to tap into reality for her moment behind the wheel.


“I bought a lot of my personal experience not knowing how to drive into the scene,” she told NME. “I was a step ahead in that respect. [It took] took little preparation to look clumsy driving.”

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‘Fast & Furious 9’ is in UK cinemas now