‘National Treasure 3’ with Nicolas Cage “still” happening, says producer

"That's ongoing"

National Treasure producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that a third film with Nicolas Cage is “still” in the works.

Earlier this month, Disney+ released National Treasure: Edge of History, a spin-off TV series of the popular film franchise. The show introduces a brand-new cast, which doesn’t include Cage.

Speaking with E! News, however, Bruckheimer clarified that the actor still has a future in the franchise, and that a third film is currently being developed on top of Edge of History.


“We said we’d like to make another National Treasure and they [Disney] said, ‘Sure, let’s come up with a new cast,'” Bruckheimer said. “At the same time, we were developing National Treasure for the theatres with Nicolas Cage – which we still are. So, that’s ongoing.”

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage at the premiere for ‘The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent’ CREDIT: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Earlier this year, Cage played down the possibility of a third film, suggesting it would be difficult to convince Disney to go ahead with the project.

“The phone stopped ringing. It was like, ‘What do you mean we’re not doing National Treasure 3? It’s been 14 years. Why not?'” Cage told GQ in March. “Well, [Disney’s] Sorcerer’s Apprentice didn’t work, and Ghost Rider didn’t really sell tickets. And Drive Angry, that just came and went.”

He continued: “I enjoy making movies like Pig and Leaving Las Vegas more than I enjoy making movies like National Treasure.

“When I talk about fair-weather friends in Hollywood, I’m not talking about Jerry [Bruckheimer]. I’m talking about Disney. They’re like an ocean liner. Once they go in a certain direction, you’ve got to get a million tugboats to try to swivel it back around.”


Back in April, Cage said he was hoping to land more comedic roles in the future, adding that he’s particularly “curious” about musicals.

“I’m excited that the comedy is back on the menu. It hasn’t been there for, gosh, 15 years,” he said. “That’s nice that I may have the opportunity to do more comedy. But I’ve never done a musical. That would be something that I would be curious about.”

National Treasure: Edge Of History is now streaming on Disney+

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