Nazi protestors gather outside Disney World waving swastika flags

Pink is among those condemning the actions of those in Orlando, Florida

Nazi protestors have gathered outside Disney World in Orlando, Florida, waving swastika flags.

As footage posted to social media by Florida Representative Anna Vishkaee Eskamani shows, a handful of protestors appeared at the gates of the resort with Nazi flags.

One sign also featured an image of Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, with another flag reading: “DeSantis 2024 Make America Florida”.


Earlier this year, DeSantis took over Disney’s self-governing district in Orlando, an area which includes Disney World, seemingly as punishment for its opposition to anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the state.

DeSantis labelled Disney a portrayer of “woke” ideology, adding at a speech: “Since the 1960s, they’ve enjoyed privileges unlike any company or individual in the state of Florida has ever enjoyed.”

Sharing the footage of the protestors online, Eskamani said: “Nazis outside of Walt Disney World right now – absolutely disgusting.”

Another to condemn the actions was pop star Pink, who said:  “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????!!!!!!!!!”

Disney co-founder Roy Disney’s granddaughter Abigail also shared her disgust, writing: “My grandfather is spinning in his grave.”


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement: “We are aware of these groups that aim to agitate and incite people with antisemitic symbols and slurs. They are also aware of the law.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Office deplores hate speech in any form, but people have the First Amendment right to demonstrate.”

They said around 15 people made up the gathering, and there were no arrests.

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