Netflix confirm sequel to “worst movie of 2017”

'Bright' sequel confirmed despite negative reviews

Netflix has announced that there will be a sequel to Will Smith film Bright, despite many dubbing the original the “worst movie of 2017”.

Bright cost the streaming service $90 million (£66m) to make but was panned by critics upon its release in December. Despite the negative reviews though, Bright is Netflix’s highest-viewed movie in a first week of release.

Smith starred in the film as an LAPD cop who partners up with a rookie police officer (played by Joel Edgerton) – who just so happens to be an Orc. Suicide Squad director David Ayer helmed the film.


Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in new Netflix fantasy drama ‘Bright’

Netflix has now confirmed that a sequel to Bright has been commissioned with Smith, Edgerton and Ayer all expected to return.

Watch an announcement video from Netflix below, which sees Orcs “auditioning” for the sequel film.

Bright was universally panned on release. The Daily Telegraph gave it two stars, writing: “You’ll either extend the movie the latitude [scriptwriter Max] Landis and Ayer think they deserve, or you’ll stare at it for two long hours wondering, amid the bullets and an awful lot of rainy confusion, why they think they deserve it.”

Forbes blasted the film further, saying Netflix has made “…a visually grotesque, dreadfully dull and hopelessly convoluted would-be franchise action movie just as well as the stereotypical Hollywood machine!”


Indiewire, meanwhile, said Bright had earned infamy as the worst film of 2017: “Truth be told, Bright is so wretched that it invites only the most cynical of interpretations, leaving you with no choice but to assume the film was tainted by the knowledge that most of its audience would see it on their phones or laptops.”

Ayer responded to Indiewire‘s criticism of his film on his Twitter account, writing: “Every movie is a labour of love for me. I’ve never chased the audience, and I know my work can be polarising. I’ve lived a crazy love and I guess my movies reflect that.”