Netflix denies it is adding adverts to service

Some users threatened to cancel their subscriptions after rumours began to spread

Netflix has denied it is adding adverts to its service after rumours began to spread the streaming platform would soon feature commercials.

Last week, the company began to test the inclusion of video promotions between episodes and movies.

Some users reported being served video promotions between episodes that they were unable to skip. Others said they were also shown the videos but they featured a ‘skip’ button.

“If I ever see ads of any kind, for any reason, I will immediately cancel Netflix,” wrote one viewer on Reddit. “Netflix’s main selling point has been a totally ad-free experience. I will accept nothing less.”

Another countered: “How is it any different than a trailer, or what HBO does before every show? And aren’t they skippable?”

In a statement released on Friday (August 17), a spokesperson for Netflix said: “We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster. It is important to note that a member is able to skip a video preview at any time if they are not interested.”

The videos are not adverts but personalised recommendations for other programmes and films available on the platforms, according to the spokesperson. They added the company conducts hundreds of tests a year, most of which are not taken further.

Meanwhile, Netflix is testing a new ‘Ultra’ tier that would allow users to watch content on multiple screens. The new level would let viewers access Ultra HD video and audio on four devices simultaneously.

In April, it was revealed that 80 percent of Netflix subscribers in the US don’t watch the service’s original content. Statistics shared by 7Park showed that, despite the platform’s original shows including the likes of Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black, American-based users preferred to binge watch licensed shows like Breaking Bad and The Office.