Film fans use Netflix Party function to replicate cinema experience with friends

The perfect activity during social distancing...

An app called Netflix Party is letting web users and film fans play film and TV content from the streaming service in sync with friends and family.

While many are practicing social distancing and self-isolation in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Netflix Party gives people the option to spend the time watching films and TV in groups online.

Cinemas worldwide are enforcing lower capacities and even closing in many cases in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


In a bid to keep viewers entertained and connected with others, the unauthorised app lets several accounts sync up and adds a message board feature to  the viewing screen.

“Waiting up for friends to make their tea, or finish up a call, so we can all sync up and watch together adds a sense of community that we’re all missing right now, even after just a few days,” one user said to Refinery29. “It’s comforting to feel that your boys are right there with you, alone, also.”

NBCUniversal also announced it will release a number of recent film titles to audiences online, breaking the theatrical window. Trolls World  TourThe HuntThe Invisible Man and Emma will be available to purchase on-demand, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


A number of film and TV projects have been postponed or suspended due to the spread of the virus – read here for the full list.

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