Netflix users have spent half a billion hours watching Adam Sandler movies

'The Ridiculous 6' and 'The Do-Over' have both been huge hits for the streaming giant.

Netflix users have now spent “half a billion hours” watching Adam Sandler movies, the streaming giant has said.

Netflix revealed the astonishing figure in its quarterly earning reports, where it sang the praises of its movie deal with the actor-writer-producer.

“We continue to be excited by our Sandler relationship and our members continue to be thrilled with his films,” Netflix said. “Since the launch of The Ridiculous 6, Netflix members have spent more than half a billion hours enjoying the films of Adam Sandler.”


In 2014, Sandler signed a four-movie deal with Netflix. His first film for the streaming leader, comedy western The Ridiculous 6, premiered in December 2015 to universally terrible reviews and holds a 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Sandler’s second Netflix picture, The Do-Over, followed in May 2016 and holds a slightly better Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 5%.

Despite the poor reviews, they have become the two most-watched movies ever on Netflix. Sandler’s next film for the company, Sandy Wexler, launches later this month.

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Meanwhile, Sandler revealed earlier his month that his two children aren’t particularly impressed with his films.

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He said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: “They’re nervous to say it, but [they’re] like, ‘Can we watch something else?'”