Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story’ was shot in a cinema that’s not showing Netflix films

"Why would AMC allow to shoot this film there if they don't want to screen the product?" 

Noah Baumbach‘s Netflix family portrait of a divorce, Marriage Story, features a scene filmed in an AMC cinema – one which is part of the chain not showing Netflix films.

In an early narrated montage, Adam Driver‘s character Charlie is climbing an escalator with his son Henry after watching a movie, over which we hear the father telling his child he cried four times.

The scene was filmed in AMC 19th St. East 6, a cinema near Union Square in New York City.


An AMC A-List subscriber pointed out the paradox: “I found it kind of strange,” Scott Weinberg said. “Why would AMC allow [to shoot] this film there and they don’t even want to screen the product?”

Netflix has been rolling out films directed by prestige directors in the past few years, with Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma last year, Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and the Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems as well as Marriage Story.

The question of the theatrical window still seems to be a work in progress, as different chains are dealing with the Netflix titles with varying timeframes, some choosing not to screen the films at all.

Marriage Story marks a major return to the awards circuit for Noah Baumbach, who earned six nominations at the 77th Golden Globes and is expected to pick up a handful of Oscar nods as well.

Marriage Story is streaming on Netflix now