New ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ trailer released – watch

Steve Coogan's signature character is caught in the midst of a hostage situation

A new trailer for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa has been released – you can watch it by scrolling down the page and clicking ‘play’.

The trailer begins with Alan Partridge‘s radio station, North Norfolk Digital, being bought over by a new media conglomerate. The purchase of the station leads a disgruntled colleague, Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney), who has been let go in the corporate shake-up, to snap and a hostage situation soon unfolds. Luckily, Steve Coogan‘s iconic character is on hand to help police end the siege.

Coogan and Father Ted director Declan Lowney have previously suggested that the film is a cross between classic hostage thriller Dog Day Afternoon and ’70s TV industry satire Network.

Coogan explained: “We’re putting him into a situation. We had to make it filmic without throwing away the DNA that makes him Alan-like. So we kicked around a lot of ideas and ended up with something that’s a bit Dog Day Afternoon and a bit Network. There is a threat level.”

However, Declan Lowney insisted the film’s storyline won’t feel unrealistic, adding: “The notion of Alan being caught up in a hostage situation is outlandish, but how it happens is perfectly believable. Steve strives for stuff to be real, even with all the gags. That said, there’s quite a bit of action. We’ve got violence, guns and heavy kissing.”

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on August 7. Alan Partridge was last seen in the web series Mid Morning Matters, and in two TV specials for Sky Atlantic, Welcome To The Places Of My Life and Alan Partridge On Open Books.