New ‘Bourne’ movie starring Matt Damon to arrive in summer 2016

Director Paul Greengrass is returning to the franchise alongside Damon

The new Bourne film starring Matt Damon is to open next summer.

Universal has given the fifth Bourne film – which is currently untitled – a release date of July 29, 2016.

The film will mark the return of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne after nearly a decade away from the screen. The actor sat out 2012’s Bourne Legacy, which instead starred Jeremy Renner and performed relatively disappointingly at the box office.

Damon previously played the title character in 2002’s Bourne Identity, 2004’s Bourne Supremacy and 2007’s Bourne Ultimatum. Director Paul Greengrass, who was behind the camera for the second and third Bourne films, is also returning for the fifth instalment.

For the first time, Greengrass and Damon will be writing the screenplay themselves, alongside Christopher Rouse, who served as editor on the second and third Bourne films. Plot details are currently unknown and there is no word yet on whether any of Damon’s previous Bourne co-stars – who include Joan Allen, Julia Stiles, David Strathairn and Albert Finney – will be returning too.