New ‘Frankenstein’ film for 20th Century Fox

'Night At The Museum' director wanted to helm

Shawn Levy, director of Night At The Museum and Date Night, is reported to be eyeing up a retelling of Frankenstein for his next project.

The director was due to begin filming on Fantastic Voyage for 20th Century Fox but, with worries over ever increasing costs, the company now want him for Frankenstein instead.

As reported by Deadline, a script is currently being worked on by Max Landis, son of Blues Brothers director John Landis.

As the novel by Mary Shelley is now in the public domain, a host of rival Frankenstein productions are in the offing, including one being produced by former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and his company Slash Films.

The last big budget big screen attempt at the horror classic saw Kenneth Branagh direct himself as Victor Frankenstein, with Robert De Niro playing the creature.

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle recently bought the story to the London stage, with Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch swapping the lead roles throughout the run.

Shawn Levy’s next film is Real Steel, an action film about fighting robots starring Hugh Jackman. It is due for release in the UK on October 14.