New ‘Godzilla’ movie gets rewrite from ‘Iron Man 3’ scribe Drew Pearce

Hollywood's second attempt to remake 'Godzilla' is due for release in May 2014

British screenwriter Drew Pearce has been hired to rewrite Hollywood’s new Godzilla movie.

According to Variety, Warner Bros has asked Pearce to “do a four-week polish on the script”, which has an original draft by David Callahan, co-writer of The Expendables. A subsequent draft was provided by David S Goyer, who collaborated with Christopher Nolan on the stories for the Batman trilogy, and newcomer Max Borenstein.

The studio is apparently happy with the script as it is, but wants Pearce to “age up” the characters so that they match with potential stars. As well as penning Iron Man 3, due in June 2013, Pearce is set to write Guy Ritchie’s next Sherlock Holmes film.

The new Godzilla movie is being helmed by British director Gareth Edwards, who made his name with 2010’s Monsters, an acclaimed sci-fi movie shot for just $500,000 (£308,000). Warner Bros has scheduled Godzilla for release on May 16 2014.

Godzilla is best known as an Japanese film franchise that ran for 28 pictures between 1954 and 2004. The iconic character has also starred in comic books, novels, TV series and video games. Independence Day director Roland Emmerich helmed a previous Hollywood remake in 1998, but it was poorly received.