The team behind ‘Get Out’ are producing a new horror movie

Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof is also involved

The production companies behind Get Out are once again teaming up for an all-new, politically charged horror movie.

Blumhouse and Universal were the team behind 2017’s award-winning movie Get Out, which saw Jordan Peele win Best Original Screenplay at this year’s Academy Awards.

The two companies, along with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, are now working together on a thriller titled The Hunt.


THR reports that Lindelof and Nick Cuse are behind the script alongside while American Gods and Westworld’s Craig Zobel will direct. Lindelof, Curse and Zobel have previously worked together on HBO’s The Leftovers.

The Hunt will reportedly take inspiration from the current political climate in the US and the tensions between the left and right leaning.

Meanwhile, Get Out creator Jordan Peele has said that he would “seriously consider” a sequel to the critically-acclaimed film.

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter whether fans could see a Get Out 2, writer/director/producer Peele said: “I can tell you I will definitely, seriously consider it”.

He added: “I love that universe and I feel like there is more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends.”


Recently, it was confirmed that Jordan Peele will helm a reboot of The Twilight Zone. The series will air on the network’s streaming platform, CBS, which is also home to Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight.

“Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone, and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences,” Peele said of the news in a statement.