New ‘Man Of Steel’ trailer released – watch

First trailer for Zack Snyder's reboot shown before 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Audiences got their first glimpse of the new Superman reboot, titled Man Of Steel, at screenings of The Dark Knight Rises. The trailer has now surfaced online and you can see it below.

In a subdued trailer, viewers get sneak peeks at a young Superman playing with a red cape in the garden alongside epic, cinematic shots of flowing river rapids and wide-open plains. Fans have to wait until the last moments of the short trailer to catch sight of Henry Cavill, who plays the lead role, in the iconic outfit.

Man Of Steel promises a more naturalistic take on the comic book sources, in line with Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films. Snyder, who previously directed superhero movie Watchmen, said recently: “I love making genre movies because genre movies have the potential to be the biggest movie. Watchmen is a crash course on the rules of the why of superheroes, so for me now, to go and do Superman it’s like ‘Okay, I got that, I know why.’


“Now I can make, I think, a Superman movie that gets at him and makes him relevant and you can care about him and be something that you wanna see and not go ‘That’s a joke, he’s got his glasses on so you can’t recognise him’.”

Henry Cavill will play the lead role, with Amy Adams cast as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon playing the villainous General Zod. Man Of Steel is set for release in June 2013.