New ‘Noah’ clip revealed – watch

Latest teaser from Russell Crowe's Biblical epic is released

The latest clip from Noah has been revealed – click below to watch.

The video, which was published via Total Film, shows Russell Crowe’s title character as he explains his plan to survive the oncoming flood to his family.

The film, which is directed by Black Swan and The Wrestler filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, promises to be an epic, large-scale retelling of the classic Biblical tale. Crowe is joined in the cast by Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman.

It was revealed earlier this year that Aranofsky had won a battle with studio Paramount to show his version of the film, rather than a safer cut they had suggested due to fears that the original version might offend viewers.

Paramout have described their Noah as a “man chosen by God for a great task before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world”. The film will open in UK and US cinemas on March 28, 2014.